Wireless Technologies: Enabling Innovation and Economic Growth

April 17, 2009

This conference explored the economic consequences of wireless technologies for firms, consumers and society and is intended to host prominent scholars, business people, and policy makers to better understand the linkages between the introduction of wireless technologies and changes in the structure of economic activities.

Panels include discussions on:

  • The state of the U.S. wireless sector
  • Impediments and facilitators for adoption of wireless innovations
  • Emerging wireless technologies and enabling spectrum policy
  • Structural change and regulatory intervention

PDF of the agenda

Write-up of the event

Powerpoint slides and video via blip.tv are available for the following presentations:

Welcome & Keynote

  • Featuring John Mayo, Glenn Woroch, and Steve Zipperstein, Verizon Wireless, General Counsel & VP of Legal and External Affairs

State of the U.S. Wireless Sector

Impediments and Facilitators for Adoption of Wireless Innovations

Emerging Wireless Technologies and Enabling Spectrum Policy

Structural Change and Regulatory Intervention

Panel Discussion

  • Carolyn Brandon, CTIA
  • Richard Clarke, AT&T
  • Michelle Connolly, FCC