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Capitol Test 11
Register now, April 29 Georgetown on the Hill: "The Evolution of "Competition": Lessons for 21st Century Telecommunications Policy"
Cathy Tinsley and Nancy Pelosi in Rome
When women succeed, America succeeds

Center Scholar Catherine Tinsley (professor of management and faculty director of the Georgetown University Women's Leadership Institute) was joined by the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, House...

Capitol Test 11
Register now, April 25 Georgetown on the Hill: "Why Services Trade is So Important to the U.S. Economy: An Overview"

When: April 25, 2016 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Where: Rayburn House Office Building - B-318, Washington, DC 20515


Larry Downes
Downes releases new policy paper: "Unlocking Pandora’s Set-Top Box: The FCC Flirts with Disaster, Again"
“Unlocking Pandora’s Set-Top Box:  The FCC Flirts with Disaster, Again,” by... logo cites CBPP Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership event, quotes Pietra Rivoli: "Scholar Says TPP Economic Studies Not Conclusive, Ask Wrong Question"
Inside The U.S.'s Trade, World Trade Online published an article about the center's latest Georgetown on the Hill trade event, "The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Are the Critics Right?...
Image of a food truck with details about the lunch nuggets program
Next Lunch Nuggets: "The pros and cons of the Trans-Pacific Partnership"
Panel at crowded TTP event March 30
Georgetown on the Hill: "The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Are the Critics Right?"

A capacity crowd filled a House Ways and Means Committee room in the Rayburn House Office building on March 30 at noon for discussion and Q+A on the pros and cons of the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

Downes in Forbes: "Say It Ain't So, Netflix (Oh But It Is): Still More 'Net Neutrality' Hypocrisy"
Downes discusses the recent revelation that Netflix has "secretly throttl[ed] traffic for its customers on Verizon and AT&T’s mobile networks, and has been doing so for the last five years....
Image of "A Lifeline to High-Speed Internet Access: An Economic Analysis of Administrative Costs and the Impact on Consumers"
Ukhaneva contributes to MMTC white paper: "A Lifeline to High-Speed Internet Access: An Economic Analysis of Administration Costs and the Impact on Consumers"
Students attend first class in non-market strategy
Certificate in Nonmarket Strategy
The MBA Certificate Program in Nonmarket Strategy, which enrolled 43 first-year MBA...
Center Directors
Mayo, Macher heading to Barcelona for next US-EU Dialogue, Business and Public Policy Forum

Center leaders John Mayo and Jeff Macher are heading to Barcelona, April 22-23,...

New Kovacs paper: "Business Broadband: Assessing the Case for Reregulation"

Data collection and comparative analysis provide the bedrock for informed decision making. In this vein, “...

Larry Downes in Forbes: "The Rise And Fall Of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's Internet Empire"
Larry Downes looks at the eight major initiatives Chairman Wheeler has undertaken in advance of his increasingly direct agenda to fundamentally change the nature of Internet governance. It reviews...
Swiss students attending class at the McDonough School of Business
Swiss students visit CBPP; attend lectures, present papers, visit government offices, think tanks
Jensen discusses trade in services at WITA TTP series

On March 9th senior policy scholar Brad Jensen participated in the Washington International Trade Association's "TTP Series: Services" event. Jensen was on a panel with Christine Bliss, Coalition...

John Mayo Lecturing
Mayo discusses "Rail Regulation for Improved Performance" at the World Bank’s Transportation and ICT Forum

On March 8, 2016 Professor John Mayo spoke to the The World Bank’s Transportation and ICT Forum. His talk was part of an invited panel discussion on “Rail Regulation for Improved Performance.” The...