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Policy Event Summary, Video: The Innovation & Engineering Dynamics of the Digital Economy: Economic Transformation & Expansion Enabled by 5G
Door at the Mortara Center
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal: A Conversation with Marc Busch

On Tuesday, October 13, the Georgetown Center will co-sponsor the Mortara Center for International...

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Downes: The top 7 innovations at risk from overzealous regulation
Downes: "Ranked from lowest to highest, here are the seven disruptive innovations most threatened by premature and overzealous exposure to old and often-broken legal rules."
Mayo, Downes: "Obama administration embraces cost-benefit analysis: Why can’t the FCC?" (The Hill)
John Mayo and Larry Downes were featured in The Hill discussing the FCC’s recent open Internet order. In “Obama administration embraces cost-benefit analysis: Why can’t the FCC?” Mayo and Downes...
Vastine and Jensen moderating a panel
Center offers timely discussion of Trans-Pacific Partnership progress on Capitol Hill

On October 1, at the Rayburn House Office Building, the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy presented “Progress this Week on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?” continuing the Georgetown...

Brad Jensen Bob Vastine Rayburn Georgetown on the Hill
Center hosting TTP discussion on Capitol Hill

October 1, 2015 – The Georgetown Center is hosting “Progress this Week on the Trans-PacificPartnership?” a Georgetown on the Hill Event. The event, which runs from noon to 1:30 PM will take place...

Corrado, Ukhaneva present telecom service price research at FCC

On September 28, 2015 at the FCC Headquarters CBPP scholars Carol Corrado and Olga Ukhaneva presented their work on hedonic analysis of fixed broadband prices within the OECD-FCC International...

Macher discussing innovation, entrepreneurship, and firm performance at Strategic Management Society Meeting
Jeff Prince named visiting senior policy scholar for Fall 2015

The Center for Business and Public Policy has announced that Jeff Prince will be a visiting senior policy scholar in the Fall of 2015. He will be in residence at the McDonough School of Business...

Scott Wallsten: "Lightsquared, LTE-U and the revenge of the 'anti-commons'" (The Hill)

Many have feared that unlicensed spectrum would suffer from a "tragedy of the commons," in which the spectrum becomes congested as more users dive in without regard to their effects on other users...

Downes discusses divide between technological innovation, policy in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas
In the latest issues of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, Larry Downes discusses the “growing divide between disruptive innovation and technology policy.” Downes looks across industries such as health...
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Teleconference on affordability of Title II examines issues with FCC analysis, suggests order faces legal uncertainty

The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy’s Project on the Evolution of Regulation and Innovation hosted a teleconference September 18th at 9:00 am ET to discuss the...

Mayo pens new EPV: “Results Based Regulation: 20th Century Lessons and 21st Century Opportunities”
Join the teleconference tomorrow: Can the U.S. Afford Title II? Debating Costs versus Benefits

On 9/18 the Center will host a teleconference, “Can the U.S. Afford Title II? Debating Costs versus Benefits.” Please join us from 9:00 – 10:00 AM, dial in number:...

Downes in Forbes: “Judgment Day for the FCC’s Latest Net Neutrality Folly”

September 9, 2015 – Larry Downes’ latest Forbes piece examines the legal actions now being taken against the so-called net neutrality rules put forth by the FCC last spring.  Downes focuses...

Scholars at a luncheon
Center scholars offer suggestions to reform the Lifeline Program