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Mayo, John W. & Sappington, David E. M. Regulation in a 'Deregulated' Industry: Railroads in the Post-Staggers Era 2016
Besanko, David & Cui, Shana Railway restructuring and organizational choice: network quality and welfare impacts 2016
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Duran, Xavier The First U.S. Transcontinental Railroad: Expected Profits and Government Intervention 2013
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Churella, Albert J. Delivery to the Customer's Door: Efficiency, Regulatory Policy, and Integrated Rail-Truck Operations 2009
Knox Lovell, Charles Albert & Lim, Siew Hoon Profit and Productivity of US Class I Railroads 2009
Bitzan, John D. & Wilson, Wesley W. Industry Costs and Consolidation: Efficiency Gains and Mergers in the U.S. Railroad Industry 2007
Fagan, Mark & Vassallo, José Manuel Nature or Nurture: Why Do Railroads Carry Greater Freight Share in the United States Than in Europe? 2007
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Madar, Daniel Rail Mergers, Trade, and Federal Regulation in the United States and Canada 2002
Ivaldi, Marc & McCullough, Gerard J. Density and Integration Effects on Class I U.S. Freight Railroads 2001
Babcock, Michael W. & Lemke, Kenneth & Park, Joon Je & Weisman, Dennis L. Simulating the Effects of Railroad Mergers 2001
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Harris, Robert G. & Winston, Clifford Potential Benefits of Rail Mergers: An Econometric Analysis of Network Effects on Service Quality 1983
Morton, Alexander Lyall Northeast Railroads: Restructured or Nationalized? 1975