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Guo, Yuntao & Peeta, Srinivas Rail–Truck Multimodal Freight Collaboration: Truck Freight Carrier Perspectives in the United States 2015
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Peoples, James The Legacy of the Interstate Commerce Act and Labor: Legislation, Unionization, and Labor Earnings in Surface Transportation Services 2013
Padilla Angulo, Laura Labour Inputs Substitution during Labour Inputs Substitution during Corporate Restructuring: A Translog Model Approach for US Freight Railroads 2013
Ouyang, Yanfeng & Peng, Fan Track Maintenance Production Team Scheduling in Railroad Networks 2012
Aldrich, Mark On the Track of Efficiency: Scientific Management Comes to Railroad Shops, 1900-1930 2010
Eakin, B. Kelly & Schoech, Philip E. The Distribution of the Post-Staggers Act Railroad Productivity Gains 2010
Wilner, Frank N. Railroad Labor Protection: The Junction of Economic Regulation and Collective Bargaining 2008
Whitman, Kevin An Overview of the Railroad Retirement Program 2008
Peoples, James & Talley, Wayne K. Earnings Differentials of Railroad Managers and Labor 2007
Aldrich, Mark A Mighty Rough Road: The Deterioration of Work Safety on American Railroads, 1955-75 2005
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Davis, David E. & Wilson, Wesley W. Wages in Rail Markets: Deregulation, Mergers, and Changing Networks Characteristics 2003
Belzer, Michael & Schwarz-Miller, Ann V. & Talley, Wayne K. Railroad Deregulation and Union Labor Earnings 1998
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Grimm, Curtis M. & Harris, Robert G. Revitalization of the U.S. Rail Freight Industry: An Organizational Perspective 1985
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Horowitz, Morris A. Wage Guarantees of Road Service Employees of American Railroads 1955
Northrup, Herbert R. The Railway Labor Act and Railway Labor Disputes in Wartime 1946