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Kathryn Zeiler

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Kathryn Zeiler

Center Affiliate

Ph.D., Economics, California Institute of Technology


Kathryn Zeiler teaches torts and economic analysis of health care law, and co-directs the Georgetown Law & Economics Workshop. Her research focuses on health care law and economics, medical malpractice liability and insurance, disclosure regulation, experimental economics, and behavioral law and economics. Before joining the faculty in 2003, she received a Ph.D. in economics from the California Institute of Technology and a J.D. from the University of Southern California. She has been a visiting professor at NYU and Harvard Law Schools.

Her recent publications include: "The Willingness to Pay-Willingness to Accept Gap, the "Endowment Effect," Subject Misconceptions, and Experimental Procedures for Eliciting Valuations" (with Charles R. Plott) (American Economic Review); "Common Law Disclosure Duties and the Sin of Omission: Testing the Meta-theories" (with Kimberly Krawiec) (Virginia Law Review); "Do Defendants Pay What Juries Award?: Post-Verdict Haircuts in Texas Medical Malpractice Cases, 1988-2003" (with David A. Hyman, Bernard S. Black, Charles Silver and William M. Sage) (Journal of Empirical Legal Studies); "Asymmetries in Exchange Behavior Incorrectly Interpreted as Evidence of Endowment Effect Theory and Prospect Theory?" (with Charles R. Plott) (American Economic Review); "Empirical Health Law Scholarship: The State of the Field" (with Michelle M. Mello) (Georgetown Law Journal); and "Physicians' Insurance Limits and Malpractice Payments: Evidence from Texas Closed Claims, 1990-2003" (with Charles Silver, Bernard S. Black, David A. Hyman and William M. Sage) (Journal of Legal Studies). She is a member of the board of directors of the American Law and Economics Association.