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Wolfram blogs about cost of energy outages

In “Measuring the Economic Cost of Electricity Outages,” Catherine Wolfram discusses the shortcomings of research on the value of keeping the lights on or the cost of having them fail.  Worlfram notes that “the value of electricity depends on the context, which makes it hard to put a precise number on it.”  Despite that inherent […]

“Global Energy Innovation” conference on October 12th

On Friday, October 12th the Georgetown Energy and Cleantech Club will host “Global Energy Innovation – Envisioning a Sustainable Future.”  The conference will look at how innovation throughout the energy supply chain can enable the public and private sector to create sustainable, affordable and low-carbon energy. Speakers will include: James  Steffes,  CEO  &  President  of […]

Wolfram discusses rise of global middle class, effect on energy consumption in Bloomberg

On January 17th Catherine Wolfram published “Rising Middle Class Fuels Global Energy Surge” in Bloomberg view.  Wolfram argues that as the middle class in countries such as Brazil, China, India and beyond grow, so does their appetite for basic luxuries: air conditioning, refrigerators, 24-hour electricity, internet connections, etc.  As energy demand increases, Wolfram argues that […]