Digital Economy: The Evolution of Regulation, Competition, and Innovation

As economic activity has increasingly moved from traditional telephony to the more robust platforms of wireless and wireline broadband communications, the potential exists for substantial improvements in the economic lives of both citizens and businesses. This transition has also given rise to numerous policy issues regarding how to foster innovation and added economic welfare in this vital sector.

Our work offers a foundation of academic research and bold new thinking on critical issues at the intersection of technology innovation and regulation. The Evolution of Regulation and Innovation Project explores the relationship between regulation in this sector and innovation with attention to policy changes and how they affect economic outcomes both for consumers and the larger economy.

Principal Investigators and Conveners: John MayoCarolyn Brandon



All Things Mobile with Doug Brake of CTIA


The Evolution of Regulation and Innovation Project

The Evolution of Regulation and Innovation Project engages leading scholars, policymakers, regulators, business leaders, and industry experts from across the Internet ecosystem. The ERI Project leaders are Larry Downes, Project Director, and John Mayo, CBPP Executive Director.  Downes is an Internet industry analyst and author on developing business strategies in an age of technological disruption.