The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy – the leading research center of its kind in the nation’s capital – is uniquely positioned to convene scholars, business leaders, industry experts, and public policy practitioners. Center events disseminate knowledge, foster understanding of complex and nuanced economic policy issues, and provide opportunities for open dialogue. Center scholars serve as experts in these discussions and highlight the important role of empirical research for economic and business policymaking. These convenings – held on the Georgetown campus, throughout Washington, across the nation, and around the world – inform business leaders, inspire policymakers, and bring focus to scholars. Through information sharing and debate, participants gain valuable perspective on developing policies, pending legislation, and regulatory changes on the horizon.

Tinsley presents "The Hidden Barrier" CBPP Scholar Presentation May 4, 2016
Mayo at World Bank Transportation and ICT Forum CBPP Scholar Presentation March 8, 2016
Corrado, Ukhaneva present telecom service price research at FCC CBPP Scholar Presentation September 28, 2015
Corrado, Ukhaneva present research at OECD conference in Paris CBPP Scholar Presentation June 23, 2015