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About the Center

Generating Ideas, Convening Leaders, Shaping Policy

Our Expertise

The intellectual foundation of the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy is a group of senior policy scholars, senior industry and innovation fellows, and center researchers and affiliates. These thought leaders and experts bring a wide range of economic and industry expertise and uniquely poise the center to contribute academically rigorous thought to the investigation of the evolution of regulation, competition and innovation across diverse industries and economic sectors. We conduct empirical economic analysis, keep abreast of relevant issues, and inform the debate to advance policies that promote economic welfare.

In this context, individuals’ research interests include: antitrust and competition, developing economies, energy policy, environmental policy, fiscal and monetary policy, globalization, industrial organization and public policy, intellectual property, Internet policy,  international trade agreements, microeconomic policies, regulation and deregulation, risk and resiliency, pharmaceutical industry, technology and innovation policies, and telecommunications, among others.


Our Research

Our commitment to high-quality economic analysis and emphasis on competition, regulation, and innovation unite our current major areas of focus. Our cross-disciplinary and multifaceted thinking informs and energizes our work across a range of industry and policy sectors:

Digital Economy

International Trade

Rail Industry

Health Services


Gender Gap in Leadership and Pay 

Our Reach

Our work is shared through research collaboration and publication, succinct Economic Policy Vignettes, commentary and analysis in major media outlets, and a variety of convening events, including our seminar series Georgetown on the Hill. Our growing network now numbers more than 4000 individuals and organizations.



Our Partners

A growing list of financial partners supports the center’s commitment to academic rigor and impact by providing critical financial resources to sustain our attention to a range of today's issues at the nexus of business, economics, and public policy. 

American Red Cross
Analysis Group
Association of American Railroads
Comcast Corporation
Delta Airlines
Johnson & Johnson
McDonough School of Business
National Science Foundation
Nobel Corporation
United Farmworkers of America
U.S. Telecom
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Verizon Foundation

Man Controlling Trade

About the Photograph
The center's website features a photograph of one of a pair of statues outside the Federal Trade Commission building entitled, Man Controlling Trade.  According to the artist, Michael Lantz, "Man controls trade.  Trade is an enormous thing, like the horses in my design.  But man, by his intelligence, controls the horses."  The statues sculpted from Indiana limestone are approximately 12 feet high and 15 feet long.  They were installed in 1942. 
Models of the statues are in the collection of the Smithsonian Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery.

Georgetown Center by the Numbers

  • 65+

    Distinguished Speakers

    Distinguished invited guests and speakers participate in moderated panel discussion or present keynote remarks at center events each year.

  • 4000+

    Our Growing Network

    Our growing network of individuals and organizations with whom our work is shared through research collaboration and publication, commentary and analysis, and convening events.

  • 30+

    Convening Events

    On the Georgetown campus and around DC, each year the center convenes conferences, seminars, and panel discussions to foster collaboration and dialogue among prominent academics, industry leaders, and policymakers.

  • 50+

    Economic Policy Vignettes

    Economic Policy Vignettes published by the center (available here on the website) succinctly highlight policy implications of our academic research.

  • 75+


    The center and its faculty and scholars each year contribute to and are mentioned in major media outlets, including the New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, C-SPAN, ITV, Politico, Harvard Business Review, CNNMoney, NBC News, and the Huf