Anna-Maria Kovacs: “Outside Opinion: Wireless Competition Is Rampant” (Wireless Week)

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All four of the national carriers have now reported their 2Q’17 results…the wireless industry is highly price competitive…it is also clear that T-Mobile, in particular, is gaining subscribers in the key postpaid category much faster than AT&T or Verizon. The vast majority of subscribers pay their bill monthly after they use their wireless service, i.e. they are postpaid subscribers. Thus, the key metric watched by analysts is the trend in postpaid average service revenue divided by postpaid units or accounts (ARPU or ARPA). In the last year, postpaid prices have fallen at each of the national wireless carriers, at rates of 8.2 percent at Sprint, 7.0 percent at Verizon, 4.0 percent at AT&T, and 0.6 percent at T-Mobile. Since the end of 2014, they have fallen 19.7 percent at Sprint, 15.1 percent at Verizon, 9.7 percent at AT&T, and 4.5 percent at T-Mobile. Read more .