Who We Are

US/EU Dialogue Series

The Center for Business and Public Policy brings together an interdisciplinary group of leading faculty, scholars, and industry experts from across the nation and around the world whose expertise, intellectual pursuits, and interests are in the areas of competition and innovation. These outstanding individuals advance the center’s mission and engage others in relevant inquiries and exploration of critical issues at the intersection of business economics and public policy.

Center Leadership

John W. Mayo, Founder and Executive Director

Jeffrey T. Macher, Academic Director

Senior Policy Scholars

T. Christopher Borek
Intellectual Property Rights; Media Markets

Carol Corrado
Economics of Growth and Innovation; Fiscal and Monetary Policies 

Robin Dillon-Merrill

Antonio Fatás
Fiscal and Monetary Policies, Business Cycles; The European Monetary Union

Robert Hahn
Law and Economics; Regulation, Antitrust

J. Bradford Jensen
International Business; International Trade and Investment; Impact of Trade in Services

Mark MacCarthy
Technology Law and Policy; Data Privacy

Nathan Miller
Industrial Organization; Finance

Ferdinando Monte
International Economics; Firm Organization; Economic Geography

Robert J. Shapiro
Economics of Growth and Innovation; Globalization; Fiscal and Monetary Policies 

Catherine H. Tinsley
Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty; Women and Negotiation; Culture, Conflict Resolution

Olga Ukhaneva

Scott Wallsten
Industrial Organization and Public Policy; Telecommunications Regulation 

Stephen Weymouth 
International Political Economy; Distributional Consequences of Globalization

Glenn Woroch
Telecommunications; Industrial Organization; Regulation 

Senior Policy Fellows

Mark Whitener
Antitrust Law; Competition Policy

Visiting Senior Policy Scholars

Anna-Maria Kovacs
Telecommunications; Industry Analysis; Public Policy and Investment

Robert Litan
Regulation; Antitrust; Finance

Senior Industry and Innovation Fellows

Kathleen Abernathy
Energy Regulation; Internet Policy; Technology and Innovation Policy; Telecom; Regulation

Carolyn Brandon
Telecom; Technology and Innovation Policy; Regulation; Internet Policy; Antitrust and Competition

Ralph B. Everett
Broadband Regulation

Jennifer Fritzsche

Marcia Brown Mintz
Higher Education

Faculty Affiliates

William Baber (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Business Administration) 

Dennis Quinn (Ph.D., Political Science, Columbia University) 

Pietra Rivoli (Ph.D., Finance and International Economics, University of Florida)

Edward Soule (Ph.D., Philosophy, Washington University)

Leonard Waverman (Ph.D., Economics, MIT) 

Center Researchers

Amanda B. DelpResearch Assistant

Robert Press, Postdoctoral Fellow