Georgetown on the Hill

The Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy – the leading research center of its kind in the nation’s capital – is uniquely positioned to convene scholars, business leaders, industry experts, and public policy practitioners.  Center events disseminate knowledge, foster understanding of complex and nuanced economic policy issues, and provide opportunities for open dialogue. Center scholars serve as experts in these discussions and highlight the important role of empirical research for economic and business policymaking. These convenings – held on the Georgetown campus, throughout Washington, across the nation, and around the world – inform business leaders, inspire policymakers, and bring focus to scholars. Through information sharing and debate, participants gain valuable perspective on developing policies, pending legislation, and regulatory changes on the horizon.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, February 21st, 12:00pm to 12:30pm
Little Nuggets of Tech & Telecom
Details: Beltway Policy Priorities with Recon Analytics’ President, Roger Entner
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Wednesday, March 20th, 12:30pm to 1:30pm
MBA Lunch and Learn
Details: Nawar Shara from MedStar Health Research Institute
Fisher Colloquium
Registrater: HoyaConnect

Tuesday, April 23rd 12:30pm to 1:30pm
MBA Lunch and Learn
Details: Sarah Bana, Chapman University
Hariri 415
Registrater: HoyaConnect

You may review our past events here.

Academic Conferences

Leading scholars join industry experts, and policy practitioners from across the nation and around the world on the Georgetown campus in Washington, D.C., and on the campuses of our partner universities abroad.

Georgetown on the Hill

Georgetown on the Hill takes the center’s work to Capitol Hill. This signature series of presentations and panel discussions of issues on current legislative agendas fosters collaboration and exchange among prominent academics, industry experts, business leaders, and policy makers.

Little Nuggets of Tech and Telecom — A Lunch Series with Jen and Carolyn

Little Nuggets of Tech and Telecom — A Lunch Series with Jen and Carolyn is a new monthly lunch time discussion series featuring national, international, and local experts from business, law, policy, and economics. For 30 minutes each month over Zoom, Jen and Carolyn will pose a “What If?” question to analyze different scenarios and factors impacting our sector as they and their guests challenge the status quo on hot topics like how to close the digital divide, the myths of spectrum sharing, and the emerging use cases for 5G that might drive a new wave of growth and innovation in the U.S.

MBA Lunch and Learn

The CBPP brings great speakers to campus to discuss interesting and relevant issues at the intersection of business and public life. And of course, lunch is provided!

CBPP Scholar Presentations

Center faculty, scholars, and fellows are invited to present their research at events hosted by leading organizations and associations around the world.

Academic Research Seminars

The Center’s academic research seminar series showcases the scholarship of faculty from leading universities across the nation and around the world.

The research presentations attract Georgetown University faculty and students, as well as industry and policy professionals. The seminars are held in the McDonough School of Business on the main campus of Georgetown University.

Business, Economics, and Public Policy Seminars

International Economics Seminars