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Our commitment to high-quality economic analysis and emphasis on competition, regulation, and innovation unite our current major areas of focus. Our cross-disciplinary and multifaceted thinking informs and energizes our work across a range of industry and policy sectors.

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Digital Economy

Our work offers a foundation of academic research and bold new thinking on critical issues at the intersection of technology innovation and regulation. We explore the relationship between regulation in this sector and innovation with attention to policy changes and how they affect economic outcomes both for consumers and the larger economy.

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International Trade

Our work brings increased focus on key elements of international trade that may otherwise not receive full attention. Our Georgetown on the Hill series has featured numerous specific trade discussions.

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Our work in transportation, energy and communications, advances understanding of the economics of the infrastructure industry and promotes sound policymaking.


In recent years, the normally staid economic policy domain of antitrust has increasingly been the source of debate and controversy. Both the economic and statutory foundations for modern antitrust have been challenged. Center scholars provide valuable research, outreach, and policy guidance in this increasingly fluid arena.

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Healthcare Markets

Our research seeks to advance understanding of the economics and regulation of healthcare markets from firm, industry, and regulatory perspectives. Some research efforts entail the development and analysis of proprietary data, while other research efforts are sponsored by or conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We are particularly interested in issues at the intersection of healthcare innovation and policy.

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Behavioral Approaches to Business and Public Policy

The changing nature of work has profound implications for public policy and for the relationship between business, government, and civil society. The Center’s research focuses on increasing our understanding of how individuals and organizations interact now and how they will do so in the workplaces of the future.  We focus on the “last mile” aspect of policy development and implementation, taking the ideas rooted in economic analyses, sociological and psychological research and explore the behavioral implications of how to ensure successful policy implementation and maximum impact.