Larry Downes’ comments about the FCC’s net neutrality order

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Restoring Internet Freedom Order  – FCC, 11-21-2017 

Lawsuits, Changing Regulations And The End Of The Meg Whitman Era – Coast To Coast With Carol And Cory (podcast)  – Bloomberg Radio, 11-21-2017

FCC chair’s plan to undo Internet rules flies against today’s reality   – San Francisco Chronicle,11-21-2017 

Larry Downes’ research and commentary about the FCC’s net neutrality order is highlighted in several media outlets:

Regulations. Can’t live with ’em, can’t run an economy without ’em.  – NPR Marketplace, 11-22-2017

FCC Reveals New Plan to Drastically Overturn Net Neutrality Rules  – Forum – KQED Radio, 11-22-2017