Mayo pens new EPV: “Results Based Regulation: 20th Century Lessons and 21st Century Opportunities”

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The Center issued a new Economic Policy VignetteResults-Based Regulation: 20th-Century Lessons and 21st-Century Opportunities (new window). This EPV provides a new lens and fresh perspective for regulators as they seek a balance between a stronger and more competitive economy and regulatory responsibility. Importantly, the RBR framework offered here relies neither on simple appeals to ideology to guide the regulatory or deregulatory policy balance nor on the ability of regulators simply to balance the strengths of opposing interest groups. Rather, the RBR framework points regulators to a set of principles that have proven themselves in practice to be useful in discerning how to move the policy lever in a way that promotes economic welfare. Note: The principles of results-based regulation described in this Economic Policy Vignette, along with a consideration of regulation in the modern telecommunications industry that serves as a proof of concept for the model of results-based regulation, are presented in full in The Evolution of Regulation: Twentieth Century Lessons and Twenty-First Century Opportunities (new window), originally appearing in  Federal Communications Law Journal, volume 65, issue 2.