Center for Business and Public Policy Weighs in on Broadband Infrastructure

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On Friday, February 4, Georgetown’s Center for Business and Public Policy filed comments with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to highlight the momentous opportunities presented in the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — signaling a bold step towards progress in advancing digital infrastructure, closing the digital divide, and making universal connectivity a reality for every American.

Their comments centered on the importance of using reliable economic evidence during the implementation phase. The center also provided links to several Economic Policy Vignettes, policy papers, books, articles, testimony, and public comments produced by the Georgetown Center that can aid the NTIA at this critical juncture.

“Investing in our nation’s digital infrastructure and giving Americans the resources they need to use is an issue that we’re passionate about, and it’s one that we have studied closely for over a decade,” said John W. Mayo, executive director of the Center for Business and Public Policy.

To view the comments, click here.