How is AI Transforming Firms?

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Workshop: How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Firms?

Dates: December 12, 2023 in Washington, D.C.

YouTube Playlist: AI in Action Series: How is AI Transforming Firms?

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How is AI being used by firms? What is the impact? What are the impediments to the use of AI?

This second conference in our AI in Action Series addressed these questions and more, featuring experts from industry, academia and policy institutions.

Watch the entire @CBPP AI Workshop playlist on YouTube above or click below for individual sessions.

Keynote address: “AI and Exclusion: The Fragility of Prediction to Missing Data” by Professor Catherine Tucker, MIT Sloan

AI and Health Services – with Marius Linguraru (Children’s National Hospital), Nawar Shara (MedStar Health Research Institute), Nikhil Sahni (McKinsey and Company), Catherine Tucker (MIT Sloan) and Peter McGarvey (Georgetown University)

AI and Retail Services – with Fabio Luzzi (Tapestry), Prakhar Mehrotra (Walmart) and Shervin Khodabandeh (Boston Consulting Group)

AI and Manufacturing – with Shervin Khodabandeh (Boston Consulting Group), Ness Shroff (AI Edge Institute at Ohio State University), Matthew Wilding (U.S. Steel) and Sam Ransbotham (Boston College)

Roundtable on Measuring AI Diffusion, its Impacts, and How Policy Can Help – with Carol Corrado (Georgetown University), Olivia Igbokwe-Curry (Amazon Web Services), Scott Wallsten (The Technology Policy Institute), Nikolas Zolas (Center for Economic Studies at the US Census Bureau) and Sam Ransbotham (Boston College)

Read the Economic Policy Vignette by the Event Organizers

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Check back here for information on the next event in our AI in Action series coming in Spring 2024.