Little Nuggets of Tech and Telecom: USF Reform – Learning from Prior Efforts with Scott Wallsten

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Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 12:00pm ET

Dr. Scott Wallsten, President of Technology Policy Institute and Senior Policy Scholar, Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy

On March 23 at noon, Carolyn and Jen took a close look at precisely what effect the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) may have on the digital economy, on U.S. innovation in the broadband and tech sectors, and on eradicating the digital divide, as they hosted Scott WallstenPresident of Technology Policy Institute, to discuss how the billions IIJA authorized could most effectively be deployed to close digital divides across the country.

Dr. Wallsten explored some of the more efficient ways of distributing the subsidies, including the most salient lessons learned from prior, failed efforts at increasing adoption and digital literacy. Dr. Wallsten shared insights he has developed using a customized database to help determine where there are in fact gaps in access and/or adoption and the sort of customized solutions that could be provided using IIJA money. This database can be used to determine what areas are unserved, underserved, and everything in between.

For more information about how TPI Broadband combines data and analytics, please see this factsheet.

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