Beltway Policy Priorities with Recon Analytics’ President, Roger Entner

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Date: February 21, 2024 at 12:00pm ET

Roger Entner

During this episode, Recon Analytics LLC founder Roger Entner, joined Carolyn Brandon and Jennifer Fritzsche to discuss Recon Analytics’ industry dashboard tool to learn what U.S. consumers are looking for when it comes to broadband, internet access, mobile devices and more. Some highlights:

  • Recon Analytics launched a “Consumer Insight Survey” that reaches over 4,000 wireless consumers, 4,000 fixed broadband users and 300 businesses. 
  • Fixed wireless consumers “are the happiest broadband customers out there.”
  • The unhappiest consumers are folks using digital subscriber line (DSL).
  • Making more unlicensed spectrum available for WiFi 7 benefits cable at the expense of mobile wireless unless more licensed, full power spectrum is also made available to mobile network operators.
  • Roger debunked the “rural myth” that rural communities are lacking access to mobile broadband or fixed wireless. 
  • Customer service remains an area that consumers repeatedly are found wanting.
  • Every provider is chasing after the holy grail, which is to become a holistic provider, meaning they can provide all of a customer’s connectivity needs no matter where they are located. 

You can watch or listen to the entire conversation below on YouTube.

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