Demand for Spectrum in the U.S. – A Deep Dive with Grace Koh, Nokia

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Date: Wednesday June 22, 2022 at 12:00pm ET

Grace Koh, V.P. and Head of Government Affairs, Nokia
Grace Koh, V.P. and Head of Government Affairs, Nokia

Nokia’s Vice President and Head of Government Affairs in North America, Grace Koh, joined the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy to talk about the increased demand for spectrum and what that means for future connectivity. Our key takeaways

  1. Exclusive use, licensed spectrum is an absolute necessity, with 3.1- 3.45 MHz the next best opportunity for US networks to expand capacity for 5G.
  2. Big drivers of demand for licensed, exclusive use spectrum will be tied to augmented reality, Virtual Reality and real-time, data intensive online interactions like remote surgery.
  3. Multiple entities have a vested interest in getting access to spectrum, from incumbent wireless providers to the US Government to specific industries seeking to digitize.
  4. 6G will make innovations like AR and VR a reality for average consumers. 
  5. There is a great deal of interest among different industries to create private networks that help facilitate a transition to digitization.

Watch the entire discussion here:

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