Cybersecurity: The Evolution of Regulation, Competition, and Innovation

The development of the Internet, the ensuing explosion of electronic commerce, and the use of computer networks for virtually every form of communication have created a significant challenge to our traditional understanding of security. Customer and client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details, and a variety of other online information flows are not as secure as they need to be. As with the economic erosion that can accompany the loss of security of tangible property, inadequate protection of electronically transmitted information presents significant risks to our economy.

Our work seeks to improve cybersecurity through better understanding of its non-technological, but immensely important drivers – behavior, economics, and policy. 

Principal Investigators and Conveners: Robin Dillon-MerrillJohn MayoCatherine Tinsley


Beltway Policy Priorities with Recon Analytics’ President, Roger Entner

January 31st, 2024

During this episode, Recon Analytics LLC founder Roger Entner, joined Carolyn Brandon and Jennifer Fritzsche to discuss Recon Analytics’ industry dashboard tool to learn what U.S. consumers are looking for when it comes to broadband, internet access, mobile devices and more.…