Will Demand for Wireless Connectivity in the U.S. Outpace Supply? with Peter Rysavy

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Date: Wednesday May 25th, 2022 at 12:00pm ET

Peter Rysavy
Peter Rysavy, CEO Rysavy Research

The Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission recently told Congress that the agency has not identified sources of more exclusive-use spectrum that can be auctioned off and used to expand the capacity and reach of America’s wireless broadband networks. While there is little disagreement about the need for more exclusive-use spectrum, investors are getting nervous that there could be a multi-year delay before access to more spectrum actually happens.  

Please join Carolyn and Jen as they discuss the current state of U.S. spectrum allocations for 5G and 6G, where the demand for more capacity is coming from in the U.S, and the near term opportunities for America’s wireless companies to stay ahead of their Chinese counterparts.   

Carolyn and Jen will be joined by RF network expert Peter Rysavy, CEO of Rysavy Research.  Peter will provide insights into some of the creative solutions engineers are developing to extract as much capacity from every MHz, lessons learned from ongoing spectrum sharing experiments such as CBRS and insights into ways spectrum-based networks will catalyze the next industrial revolution.

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