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Center hosting webinar on the Communications Act

On September 4, 2014 the Georgetown center will host “What’s in a Title? A Webinar on the Communications Act and the Power it Confers on the FCC Related to Broadband.” Please join us for an in-depth legal discussion regarding Titles I, II, III and VI of the Communications Act, the authority they confer on the […]

Downes launches new “VC/DC” video series on Forbes

Senior Policy Scholar Larry Downes has partnered with Forbes Senior Online Editor Kashmir Hill to create “VC/DC : The Accident-Prone Intersection of Technology + Policy.” The video series will take a “regular look at the policy issues technology companies and investors should be paying attention to but probably aren’t.” The first episode examines the ongoing […]

Kovacs argues consumers are in charge of communications choices

In July 2014, Anna Maria Kovacs published “The New Network Compact: Consumers Are in Charge” through the Internet Innovation Alliance. The paper argues that consumers are now in charge of their own communications choices, and as such the relationships among the parties to the network compact have changed radically. Ensuring the fulfillment of the core […]

Fatas: are we due for another recession?

In a blog post this week Senior Policy Scholar Antonio Fatas asks if we’re headed for “The September 2014 recession?” The post, which does not in fact argue that a recession is around the corner, was picked up by BloombergBusinessweek in “Goldman Sachs: The U.S. Expansion Ain’t Dead. It’s Not Even Old.”

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The Georgetown Center has recently updated our LinkedIn profile – we are now an organization and will be sending event and other updates through that page.  Please follow us.

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