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January 28: Center hosting “Declaration of Independents: Not All Mergers Are Created Equal”

Declaration of Independents: Not All Mergers Are Created Equal The pending mergers of Comcast/TWC and AT&T/DIRECTV raise the issue of how such transactions impact the availability of independent programming not affiliated with any pay-TV distributor or broadcaster. Maintaining a diversity of viewpoints has always been a goal of telecommunications policymakers. FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica […]

Downes’ latest pieces look at net neutrality: congressional action, Wheeler’s CES speech

On January 20, Larry Downes published “Eight reasons to support Congress’ net neutrality bill” in the Washington Post Innovations Page. Downes describes the proposed legislation saying, The proposed law is short and sweet. It grants the FCC authority to enforce tough new limits on how ISPs manage network traffic, directly addressing the kinds of practices […]

Downes on SlingTV; disruptive trends in television providers

On January 13, the Washington Post Innovations page featured an article from Larry Downes on the Engadget’s “Best of the Best” winner at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), SlingTV. The new service announced at CES by Dish Network will give subscribers access to about a dozen channels for just over $20/month. Downes looks at this new […]

Kovacs: Congress should provide “clarifying legislation” to place a solid legal foundation under the Internet

A new Economic Policy Vignette by Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy Visiting Senior Policy Scholar Anna-Maria Kovacs finds that if the Federal Communications Commission applies Title II common carrier regulation to broadband services, the regulation might equally apply to edge providers such as content delivery networks, peering and transit providers, as well as various platforms for sharing […]

Downes on potential Congressional action for net neutrality in CNET

Senior policy scholar Larry Downes has published two CNET stories while at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, both appearing January 7. The first, co-authored with Marguerite Reardon, covers Chairman Wheeler’s speech at the show, most notably discussing the announcement that on February 26 the FCC will vote on net neutrality rules, indicating that […]

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