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Has TTIP Run Out of Gas? How to Refuel and Kickstart It; video available

Last week, the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy hosted a timely and lively Georgetown on the Hill panel discussion on the status of and prospects for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Announced in June 2013 with presidential fanfare and exceptionally far-reaching goals, the agreement, which Prime Minister Cameron called the “most important […]

Downes examines advent of “technical due diligence” in hot start-up market

Senior Policy Scholar Larry Downes has a new piece in the Washington Post, “The rise of ‘technical due diligence’ in a hot market for acquiring start-ups.” The piece explores the Silicon Valley start-up market where seemingly small companies can be valued at millions, or even billions, of dollars. Downes describes ‘technical due diligence’ as “an […]

Downes finds fault with White House guidelines for FCC internet regulation in Washington Post, Harvard Business Review

Senior Policy Scholar Larry Downes released a pair of articles on November 11th responding to the White House’s release of guidelines it would like the FCC to follow when regulating the internet. In the Washington Post, Downes wrote “Why Obama’s plan to save the Internet could actually ruin it.” He describes Obama’s statement as “confusing” […]

Kovacs looks at spectrum auctions and internet regulation in Bloomberg BNA

On November 12th Bloomberg BNA released Anna-Maria Kovacs’ “At Painful Odds: Spectrum Auctions and Title II Reclassification.” The piece begins: There are two areas of bipartisan consensus in Washington: Americans need an open Internet, and Americans need spectrum for mobile broadband. There is wrangling over the details, but the goals are clear. To its credit, […]

Kovacs paper on pitfalls of Title II garners WSJ, USTelecom attention

Anna-Maria Kovacs’ recent paper, Investment Implications of the FCC’s Open Internet Proceeding, has garnered the attention of the Wall Street Journal and US Telecom. On October 31st the Wall Street Journal published an op/ed by Holman Jenkins, “Google Leads from Behind on Net Neutrality.” The piece is available with a WSJ subscription; Anna Maria is […]

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