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Kovacs writes about investment implications of the FCC’s open internet proceeding

Tweet Visiting Senior Policy Scholar Anna-Maria Kovacs has released “Investment Implications of the FCC’s Open Internet Proceeding” as part of her ongoing Regulation in Financial Translation series. She explains that as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) debates how it can best protect the Open Internet, communications investors expect that it will avoid the “nuclear option” […]

“Can Mobile Broadband Realize its Full Potential” off to a great start

The center, along with the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium of Japan and the Wireless Technology Association are hosting “Can Mobile Broadband Realize Its Full Potential? The Technology and Policy Paths to Massive Capacity Enhancement” today at Georgetown’s downtown location on Mass ave. Keynote Seizo Onoe, CTO and EVP, NTT DOCOMO, emphasized a need to focus […]

Center among sponsors of event featuring Congressman Delaney

Join us in welcoming Congressman John Delaney (D-MD) (GULC’88) “Open Our Democracy Act of 2014” Establishes open primaries regardless of party affiliation followed by general election run-offs for election to House of Representatives. Designates Election Day as Federal holiday and encourages employers give employees a day off on general election day. Starts the process for […]

Shapiro discusses midterm elections in Inc.

Senior Policy Scholar Robert Shapiro was featured in Inc. magazine “The Midterm Elections: A Small-Business Primer.” Dr. Shapiro gives his opinion on what to expect on both immigration reform and a potential government shutdown. The full piece examines the issues of most importance to small business, including: tax reform, the sequester, and a default the […]

CCT event will examine the right to be forgotten

On October 20th the Communication, Culture and Technology program will convene “An Evening Not to be Forgotten.” The program will examine the digital Right to be Forgotten “with participants representing ideas from the European Union, the ACLU, EPIC, and the faculty of the Communication, Culture & Technology MA program at Georgetown University.” Center Affiliate Mark […]

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